Why Does My Dog Sit Beside Me?

Every time you sit down, so does your dog. It doesn’t matter if it’s to watch TV, eat dinner, or read the newspaper – your dog wants to be next to you at all times, and there’s no way of stopping it! How did we reach this point? Is your dog trying to take over your life? Or do dogs simply love to be close to their owners? Read on to find out!

Showing Their Love 

When your dog sits beside you, he is showing his love for you and letting you know that he considers you to be one of his pack members. This isn’t surprising given the long history between dogs and humans, but it’s comforting when you consider how quickly a dog can completely win your heart over. 

Knowing the reason why your dog sits beside you makes these moments all the more special. There are so many reasons why we adore our dogs. They are fun, loyal, loving and so much more—but there are also times when they do things that don’t make sense to us. In fact, some of their behaviors might even leave us scratching our heads in confusion or wondering if they actually have any idea what they are doing at all! 

If you want to understand your dog better, start by taking note of his body language. One common position that is often misunderstood by pet owners is sitting beside them on command. We see it all around us: dogs sitting with their owners on park benches, lounging next to them on couches and even sleeping next to them in bed.


Dogs are not just cute fluffy friends but in fact highly intelligent animals with a keen sense of communication and emotion. Though they can’t speak to us, we can often tell what our dogs are feeling by the way they sit or lay beside us. 

In some cases, dogs actually try to comfort their human companions through non-verbal cues. For example, if you’re stressed out about something at work, your dog might feel your tension and will come over to sit near you so that he can offer his own support. 

A calm dog might do it simply because he likes being close to you, while another may be trying to make sure that you don’t get too close to his food bowl when he isn’t looking. 

The Most Common Site: As mentioned above, many dogs like to keep an eye on their owners. They want to know where you are at all times so that they can approach you for affection and attention when needed.

When greeting someone – If someone comes into your home and greets you with a hug or handshake, chances are good that your dog will greet them as well. Some dogs enjoy meeting new people, while others prefer to stay away from strangers until they become more familiar.

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What If My Dog Doesn’t Sit on My Feet?

Don’t worry if your dog doesn’t sit beside you  it might be the way you’re sitting! Some dogs may not feel comfortable and may be hesitant to sit with their owners if they can’t see them, or they are left unsure of where they stand in the family hierarchy. 

To convince your dog to sit on your feet, try shifting his usual spot so that he has a clear view of you when you sit down. For example, if you usually watch TV from your couch, but then one day you move to an armchair across from him, chances are he will follow suit. Once he sees that there is no negative consequence for moving closer to you (i.e., everyone still loves him), he will likely start sitting beside you more often.

Solutions for Dogs Who Won’t Sit Next to You: If changing where you sit doesn’t help at all, consider training your dog by rewarding him for positive behavior. For example, if you want your dog to sit next to you when he greets people or when he is about to eat his dinner, try giving him a treat every time he sits down beside you and looks up at you.

Learned Behavior

One of the most common reasons dog owners assume their dogs want to sit beside them is that it’s learned behavior. When you pet your dog and coo, Who’s a good boy?, he learns that sitting next to you earns him praise. So, when you get out the leash, his mind goes straight to those pleasant thoughts of treats and playtime. He figures if he sits there, all will be well in the world. 

Another reason for sitting beside you could be fear-based: If your dog is afraid of other people or situations, such as noises or being left alone, he may seek comfort from being near you. Another reason why dogs like to sit by us can simply be because they love us so much, and we make them feel safe.