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How Much Does A Blue Pitbull Puppy Cost?

Are you thinking about adding a blue pitbull puppy to your family? If so, you may be wondering how much one of these lovable pups will cost. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the factors that affect the cost of a blue pitbull puppy and provide an estimated price range. 

Whether you’re considering getting a blue pitbull puppy as a pet or a show dog, this post has you covered. Read on to learn more about the cost of a blue pitbull puppy


I’m often asked this question and the truth is that the cost of a blue pitbull puppy can vary greatly depending on where you live and from whom you are buying the pup. 

In some areas, blue pit bulls can be quite expensive due to their rarity, but in other areas, they can be quite affordable. 

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $600 to $1500 for a blue pit bull pup. However, several factors can affect the final price, such as;

Breeder Costs

When you’re looking to buy a blue pitbull puppy, the most obvious cost is the price from the breeder. Breeders will typically charge anywhere from $800 to $2,500 depending on the breeder and the quality of the pup. 

If you’re looking for a show-quality blue pitbull, you should expect to pay more. Some breeders may also offer discounts or other special deals if you purchase more than one puppy. 

Be sure to do your research and ask lots of questions when selecting a breeder to ensure you’re getting the best deal and a healthy puppy.

Vet Costs

When purchasing a blue pitbull puppy, you should also take into account the vet costs associated with owning a pet. This includes regular check-ups, shots, and any other medical treatments. 

The cost of these services can vary depending on the vet and the area in which you live.

In addition to regular check-ups and shots, you may also need to purchase pet insurance. Pet insurance can help cover the cost of unexpected accidents or illnesses, providing peace of mind and financial protection.

You should also take into consideration the cost of spaying or neutering your blue pitbull puppy. This procedure can cost anywhere from $200 to $500 depending on the age and size of your puppy. 

Additionally, there may be additional costs if your puppy requires any additional treatments or tests during the procedure.

Food And Supplies

Feeding a blue pitbull puppy is an important part of its overall health and growth. Puppies require high-quality dog food that is specially formulated for puppies. 

This type of food should contain a high level of protein and have added vitamins and minerals to ensure proper nutrition. In addition to food, your pup will need regular access to fresh water. 

Other supplies you will need to keep your pup healthy include a collar, leash, and toys. A wide variety of chew toys are available to help keep your pup occupied and out of trouble. 

You may also want to look into interactive toys such as puzzles or treat dispensers which can provide mental stimulation as well as exercise. 

You should also stock up on other items like grooming supplies, waste bags, and bedding. Grooming supplies such as a brush and shampoo will help keep your pup looking and feeling its best. 

Waste bags will make cleaning up after your pup easier and bedding provides a comfortable spot for your pup to sleep and relax.


Training your blue pitbull puppy is an important part of the cost of owning a dog. Training is essential for having a well-behaved, obedient pet, and it can help reduce any unwanted behaviors. 

It is important to start training your pup at a young age, preferably as soon as you bring them home.

The cost of training your pup can vary depending on the type of training you choose. You can opt for group classes, private lessons, or even online training. 

Group classes are usually more affordable than private lessons, and they can be beneficial if your pup needs socialization. 

Private lessons tend to cost more but they are often more efficient in teaching obedience and specific commands. Online training can be convenient but may be less effective since there is no direct interaction with a professional.

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In addition to classes, there are other types of training materials you may need such as books, videos, toys, treats, and leashes. All of these items will need to be purchased and can add up quickly. 

Overall, the cost of training your blue pitbull puppy can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the type and amount of training you choose. 

It is important to factor in the cost of training when budgeting for your pup.


Q: How much does a blue pitbull puppy cost? 

A: The cost of a blue pitbull puppy varies greatly depending on the breeder and the age of the puppy. 

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $2,500 for a blue pitbull puppy. 

Q: Where can I find a reputable breeder for blue pitbull puppies?

A: There are several reputable breeders who specialize in blue pitbull puppies. It is important to do your research and find a breeder who has experience breeding the type of pup you’re looking for. 

Be sure to ask questions about their breeding practices and check out customer reviews. 

Q: What are some potential health issues that I should be aware of? 

A: Blue pitbull puppies can be prone to hip dysplasia, allergies, heart problems, and ear infections. 

It is important to visit a veterinarian regularly to ensure that your pup stays healthy. 

Q: Are there any specific dietary requirements that I should know about? 

A: Blue pitbull puppies should be fed a high-quality diet that is rich in protein and essential fatty acids. Your veterinarian can recommend an appropriate diet based on your pup’s age and activity level. 

Q: Do I need to socialize with my pup? 

A: Socialization is an important part of raising a healthy and well-adjusted puppy.

Make sure to expose your pup to a variety of people, animals, and experiences to help them become comfortable with new environments. breeding


Purchasing a blue pitbull puppy can be an exciting experience, but it is important to remember that this type of pet comes with many costs and responsibilities. 

Depending on the breeder, the puppy can range anywhere from $500 to $2,000 or more. Additionally, vet bills, food and supplies, training, and other miscellaneous costs should all be taken into account when determining whether or not a blue pitbull puppy is a right fit for you. 

Lastly, be sure to thoroughly research all aspects of owning a blue pitbull puppy before making your purchase, and always make sure to give them plenty of love and care!