What To Do With Dog Ashes

What To Do With Dog Ashes?

What To Do With Dog Ashes of your beloved pet? It’s actually a pretty simple question with quite an easy answer. You just need to know what to do with dog ashes, as well as what not to do with dog ashes! If you’ve just lost your four-legged friend and are searching for answers, we have a list of things to do with dog ashes and 11 things not to do with dog ashes. 

Hopefully, this will give you some great ideas so that you can proceed in peace.

Scattering The Ashes.

Many people choose to scatter the ashes of their dog’s ashes in a favorite location, but it is also common for people to keep them as a memento. There are many ways that you can honor your loved one while keeping the cremated remains close by. 

There are many different options for what you can do with the cremated remains of your pet. You can place them in a special garden area or leave them under an oak tree. 

You can spread them at your favorite fishing spot or near a tree that was significant during their lifetime. You could even have some custom-made jewelry made and wear your beloved pet’s ashes around your neck like a necklace or bracelet. 

Whatever option you decide on, be sure to celebrate the life they had and not just mourn the passing away of their body when they die.

Backyard Cemetery. 

Have you decided what to do with your pet’s ashes? If not, here are some options for you and your pet. 

  • Keep them in a container: Some people prefer to keep the ashes in a special container so they can remember their pet when they want. 


  • Spread the Ashes: If you want, you can spread the ashes of your pet in your backyard or somewhere else meaningful. You could also take the ashes on vacation and scatter them where it is meaningful to you. 

You could also place the ashes inside a favorite toy or another object that meant something to your pet. Another option is to create a garden for your pet’s ashes, such as an area of plants or flowers that remind you of your animal. Another idea would be to donate the cremains to an animal shelter.

Grow A Tree In Their Memory. 

Many people find that planting a tree in memory of their pet is the perfect way to remember them. The process is as simple as finding a place in your yard, buying a tree, and planting it. 

Some places even offer you the option of having the cremated remains mixed into the soil around your new tree. This can be a great way for both your and your pet’s memories to live on together. If you are interested in this option, consider contacting your local garden center or nursery. 

If that doesn’t work out, there are plenty of other options such as scattering the ashes at the ocean or forest or just keeping them somewhere private and dear to your heart. No matter what you decide, don’t forget to keep those memories alive by telling stories about your loved one when they were happy and healthy!


Cremation Jewelry.

There are many ways of remembering your beloved pet. One of the most personal is cremation jewelry, which is a simple way of bringing their memory close to you. Cremation jewelry can be in the form of bracelets, necklaces, or even earrings. 

They are all made from the ashes and other cremated remains that have been mixed with either silver or gold powder and shaped into an appealing design, often one that resembles your pet’s favorite toy or something else that your pet loved. A popular choice for family members who have lost a pet is also to share some ashes with them so they can remember your time together. 

A special urn will help you keep those ashes safe for when you want to bring them out again someday. An urn should be large enough for two cups of ash (about a quarter pound) and should include the name, date of death, and location where the cremation took place.

Have Your Pet’s Ashes Incorporated Into A Portrait?

If you have your pet’s cremated remains, you may be wondering what the best way is to honor them. One option is to have their ashes incorporated into a portrait of themselves.

 There are many artists who specialize in this kind of art and offer different kinds of portraits for different tastes and budgets. 

While this option might sound strange or morbid, it can also be very comforting for owners who want something to remember their beloved pets by when they pass away. 

Another option is keeping the ashes in an urn on display at home as a touching reminder. Some people choose to scatter the ashes somewhere meaningful or special to them, such as near where their pet used to live.

 Some others store the ashes until they die so that they will then be buried alongside them and finally reunited.

It can be difficult making decisions about what to do with your loved one’s cremains after they’ve passed on-but don’t worry! There are many options available that should suit any preference.

Put The Ashes In A Pet Cremation Urn.

Many pet owners feel that burying their pet’s ashes is the most respectful way to handle the situation, but they often don’t know what type of container to purchase and where they should be buried. To make things easier for you, here are some tips for handling your pet’s cremation: 

  1. Purchase a pet cremation urn. These come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. Some people like having an urn made from natural materials such as wood or stone, while others prefer those made from stainless steel or even plastic. Whatever your preference may be, just keep in mind that these containers can hold up to a pound of ashes and typically have handles on the top or bottom for easy carrying.

Mix Into Cement For A Garden Stone.

Dogs are a big part of many families. When they pass away it can be difficult to know what to do with them. They deserve a memorial that is just as unique and special as they were.

 Mixing the cremated remains into cement for a garden stone is one way you can create an everlasting tribute for your furry friend. Creating A Memorial With Pet-Safe Plants. .: Another option is to use some of their ashes in flower pots or planting areas where pet-safe plants will grow.

 You might also consider adding their ashes to the soil in a pot or plant bed where you have planted pet-safe flowers, vegetables, or fruit trees. 

 If you have any leftover ash, mix it into cinders for outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, grills, or wood stoves.