Why Do Random Dogs Come To Me?

Why Do Random Dogs Come To Me?

Why Do Random Dogs Come To Me? Have you ever noticed random dogs coming up to you and just sitting there, staring into your eyes? Has it ever freaked you out and made you wonder, What the heck is going on? If so, there are several factors that may be causing this behavior in dogs, and it’s important to know about them.

By gaining an understanding of why dogs behave this way, we can all come to understand our canine friends even more! And by learning how to handle each situation properly, we can learn how to approach potentially dangerous dogs in a way that isn’t threatening or scary.

They Can Sense Your Energy

Dogs have a keen sense of smell and can smell if you’re feeling down or stressed. When they come up to you, this may be their way of showing that they care about how you feel. Sometimes dogs might come up to you because they’re looking for some attention from someone who’s busy, like when you’re on your phone scrolling through social media feeds.

This is a good time to take a break from technology and give your pup some love! The next time a dog approaches you, put your device away and say hello with an open heart. Not only will the pup appreciate it, but it will also make them more comfortable around humans in general. Who knows? If you spend enough time caring for these furry friends, one day they just might find themselves at your feet instead of roaming the streets alone.

In my case, my first dog found me; I was walking down the street and he approached me. He was all dirty and had mats in his fur. I stopped to ask him what he was doing out there all by himself, then took him home as soon as I could. It took a while before we became best friends (he wasn’t too sure about me at first), but now we are inseparable–you would never know that he used to be so shy!


They Are Attracted To Your Smell

A dog’s sense of smell is one of the most powerful parts of its sensory system. They use it to hunt, find food, and even recognize other animals. It makes sense that they would also use it to determine if a person is friendly or not. If you have been petting dogs in public places, there is a chance that you are wearing traces of their scent on your clothing and skin.

Since dogs can’t tell the difference between different people who smell similar to them, all humans who come near enough for them to sniff out will be classified as friendly. The next time you notice a strange pup approaching you at random, try giving them some attention.

After all, they might just need some love! 1) While being approached by a puppy, resist any urge to push it away. Instead, gently stroke its fur until it feels calm and continues down its merry way.
2) Bring some toys with you when walking through crowded areas so you can quickly distract a curious dog before someone gets hurt.3) Resist playing with the dogs unless they make an active move toward you. Remember: they’re not attacking; they’re playing!

They Can Tell You’re a Dog Person

When a dog comes up to you, it’s like they’re telling you I like you and inviting themselves to come over for some cuddles. But sometimes dogs will come up to people who don’t even love dogs, and that can be pretty confusing. There are a few reasons why this might happen though: they’re lonely and looking for company, they want attention or food, or they see something in your energy that reminds them of their owner.

All these things can make them feel safe around you. If the dog starts acting aggressive or scared, try talking to him with calm but confident tones to let him know he’s safe here with you. If he’s hungry, give him some food from your plate or from his bowl.

If he just wants attention, go ahead and pet him for as long as he wants! And if the dog is feeling shy about coming close to you, consider sitting down on the ground so that you’re at his level before trying to approach him again.

They Know You’re Friendly

Random dogs always seem to come to me and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I’m a nice person who loves animals and they know that. Maybe it’s because I have treats in my pockets. Either way, it never fails that when I go for a walk at the park there will be some dog who comes up to sniff me with curiosity.

They’re always so sweet and happy and sometimes they have sad eyes. Even if I don’t want to pet them or give them a treat, I usually can’t resist giving them a few scratches behind their ears. But after doing this for so long now, the other day one of these cute pups came right up to me and just leaned on my leg like he needed comforting or something. He was such a cute pup too, looking all sad like he was waiting for someone special to show up!

They Can Sense Your Good Vibes

Dogs can sense your good vibes and they want to be around you. They’re always happy to see you and it’s a comfort when they don’t have anyone else in the world who cares about them. It’s comforting to know that someone is always there for you, even if you can’t understand what they are saying. You’ll never need to feel lonely again with these furry friends by your side.

It Is In Their Genes

Dogs are bred for a variety of purposes and one of them is to be companion dogs. This means that they need human contact and oftentimes, dogs that have been abandoned will seek out any human contact they can find. I always ask people who come to me with their dog if they have recently lost or given up their pet so it is always good to ask before you assume anything.

However, even if someone has just moved into the neighborhood or just got a new dog there are many reasons why your pup could come running over to see you. They may be lonely and just want some company! It is important for us as owners to take care of our pets and make sure they get plenty of attention so this doesn’t happen!