Why does my dog sleep under my bed

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed? 7 Possible Reasons

Why does my dog sleep under my bed

Why does my dog sleep under my bed? It’s one of the most common queries dog owners have, and it’s an important one because it can give you valuable insight into how to better communicate with your dog. Because really, just like humans, dogs sleep better when they feel safe and comfortable, so understanding why they sleep in certain places can help you provide them with the environment they need to get the rest they deserve.

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?

He’s Sick Or In Pain

If your dog spends a lot of time sleeping under your bed, there could be a few reasons. Sometimes, he’s sick or in pain. 

Some dogs find it comforting to cuddle up with their owners when they are not feeling well. He may also want to get away from other pets.

He Thinks It’s Safer There

I believe your dog thinks it is safer to be in a confined space. Dogs are pack animals, and they always want to feel safe and protected. In nature, dogs hide out in burrows or small caves when they need to rest or feel vulnerable. 

As a result, your pup may think that sleeping underneath a bed feels more like being hidden away and safe than sleeping on top of one where he would be exposed and vulnerable. 

And if you have other pets who might hurt him, he will instinctively try to find a place where they can’t get to him. You might even notice that sometimes he’ll push his way into a corner of a room so no one can sneak up on him from behind. 

It’s all about safety for him! So, as long as there isn’t anything dangerous under your bed (such as broken glass), there’s really nothing wrong with letting him snooze there. He’ll still love you just as much whether he sleeps on top of or underneath it! But if you don’t want him to use your bed as a personal cave, then give him something else to do. 

There are plenty of games you can play with your pooch indoors, especially during inclement weather when he might otherwise spend too much time cooped up inside. Some good ones include Hide-and-Seek and Fetch—you know how much fun these games are already! And because both involve running around and physical activity, they’re sure to tire out even an energetic puppy.

There’s Something Comforting About It For Him

Just like humans, animals have comfort zones where they feel safe and secure. 

When your pet first moved into your home, he made it his mission to explore every nook and cranny of his territory. 

However, once he mapped out his surroundings and identified all of its safety spots, he no doubts found one that felt particularly welcoming—under your bed! It’s a good thing for you, too: If your pup sleeps under your bed, you won’t have to worry about him chewing on wires or getting up to mischief while you’re asleep. 

But if he seems uncomfortable when you try to move him, don’t force it. You can always buy a dog bed or crate and set it up in another room if you prefer. You may even find that your furry friend will start spending more time there than in his original spot!

He Sleeps Better There Because You’re Nearby

Dogs like to be around their owner, and sleeping close to you can make them feel safer, says Dr. Sophia Yin, a veterinarian at Marin Humane Society in California. 

If he sleeps in your room, he can be right next to you if anything happens at night—he doesn’t have to go running down another hallway or across a yard to get where he needs to be if something scares him, she explains. 

Plus, some dogs simply prefer being near their owners over any other spot in the house. Some dogs just want to be with you all of the time, so they will follow you into whatever room you are in, says Dr. Yin. They are usually very attached and loyal to one person (usually their primary caretaker) and will follow that person around everywhere they go.

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You Trained Him To Do So

It’s possible that he has been trained to do so, though most dogs don’t seek out space beneath a human’s furniture. 

He may find comfort and security in sleeping beneath your bed, so pay attention to how you treat him—the way you position yourself around him could mean that he goes underneath your furniture as a result. 

If you notice that he always seeks out space below your bed when you get home from work or come back into your bedroom after getting up during the night, there’s a good chance that he feels safer there than anywhere else in his environment. 

If you want to change his behavior, it’s important to consider why he is doing what he is doing and adjust accordingly.

Something Is Bothering Him – A Noise, Another Pet, etc.

If your dog has a favorite place to go when he’s stressed, like a spot in another room, it’s best to let him chill out there. In other words, don’t bring him into your room if he’s distressed. It may seem counterintuitive to leave him alone while he seems upset, but remember that you can’t help an animal who doesn’t want your help. 

He may be seeking solitude because something is bothering him—maybe another pet or noise outside—and by bringing him into your room, you could actually make things worse for both of you.

Less Light Makes Him Feel Safe, Protected, And Less Anxious

Just like humans, dogs suffer from seasonal affective disorder, too. During cold and dark winter months, a lack of sunlight can make them more depressed and anxious. 

Their behavioral changes make them feel less safe, so they may do things to help alleviate those symptoms—like sleeping under your bed or in other places where they feel protected from light. It’s not cute. But it is normal behavior for dogs with seasonal affective disorder. Plus, it’s totally treatable! So, don’t worry. Your pup will be back to his old self in no time.

It’s his favorite place to be, so he gets comfy there. (It makes sense when you think about it!)

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