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Do Bulldogs Get Cold?

Do Bulldogs Get Cold? Often, during the winter, owners want to go for a walk or outdoors with their dogs to exercise and breathe fresh air. But the temperatures in the winter beg the question “do English bulldogs get cold in the winter?” This breed does get cold in this season since they are sensitive to extreme temperatures.

The English bulldog is a very popular dog breed across the UK and the USA. A big head, short legs, muscular body, flattened face, and medium size are their main characteristics.

As well as not being able to withstand low temperatures, they cannot handle very high temperatures. The reason for this lies in morphological features that affect breathing, which makes them live at home exclusively.


What Temperature Is Low for English Bulldogs?

Temperatures below freezing – 32º Fahrenheit (0ºC) – are considered extreme for English bulldogs. The best temperatures for this breed are between 60 (15º C) and 70 (21ºC) degrees Fahrenheit.

If a person and his pet are going outside in freezing temperatures, they have to limit this outing to a few minutes so that the dog does not get ill or have health issues.

Why Can’t They Tolerate Low Temperatures?

The main reason why English bulldogs get cold in the winter is that they are brachycephalic dogs. This means that their muzzle is flattened and their facial folds are quite characteristic.

They commonly have a skull shortened in proportions. Since the face and nose bones are shorter than in other breeds, the anatomy of other body tissues is altered as space is limited.

Brachycephalic dogs have flat faces and their nostrils are often smaller in diameter than average.

Although their appearance is usually very sympathetic, the anatomical characteristics of this type of dog make them more susceptible to respiratory problems and heat strokes in the summer.

How to Tell When Your English Bulldog Is Very Cold

If somebody wants to know if a pup is cold, all he needs to do is pay attention to the dog’s behavior. In particular, when he is outside because of low temperatures. There are different signs of the cold in canines:


Like humans, pets shiver as well. If you see your doggie shaking when going outdoors for a while, it may be because he is cold. In the winter, put a coat on your doggo and take him where there are no draughts and shorten the walk if you see him shaking.

Even though shivering can be caused by the cold, there may be more reasons why your dog may be shaking.

Slow Breathing

Slow breathing may be a symptom of low temperature. Should you notice his breathing slowing down, he may be cold, so cover him up and look after him.

Reduced Mobility

Reduced mobility could be caused by the cold too. When bodies are freezing, it leads people to move more slowly than they would like.

If the pets’ movements are becoming slower and clumsier, and their body seems to be stiff, it is due to the cold. So, their muscles tense up to try to fight the temperature.

Dry Skin

If the area of the nose or the skin is dry, it may be because the body is not tolerating the temperature well. If you notice that any limb is numb, it is important that you soothe them by massaging them, thus warming them up and getting the blood circulating well.

Do English Bulldogs Need a Coat in the Cold?

Yes, as this will help them keep their body warm, allowing them to go outside for longer. If they are going out for more than 20 minutes with temperatures below 50 (10ºC) degrees Fahrenheit, they must wear a coat.

Is Winter Bad for Them?

English bulldogs are not very fond of the winter, as they prefer higher temperatures to feel comfortable. But if a doggo is playing outside in the cold and is very entertained, people just need to keep an eye on him to see if the temperatures are affecting his well-being.

Provided he does not show any symptoms of the cold, he can stay outdoors. Should the temperature be too low, a dog will perceive it and let the owner know that he is not feeling comfortable.

Should English Bulldogs Live Outdoors or Indoors?

English bulldogs are meant to dwell indoors, and by no means they should live outdoors. Given that this breed is a domestic dog and has particular physical traits, they are not capable of withstanding extreme temperatures for much time. These can stay outside for a long if the weather is mild.

Some Ways to Protect Your English Bulldog From the Cold

In addition to coats, there are other ways to protect a doggie from the cold.

When walking a dog in the winter, the best times are sunny days during warmer hours. This way you will avoid the lowest temperatures during the day.

Paw protection can also be important in winter since it will keep their paws warm in cold weather and snowy weather.

Make sure your pet is always dry. Should he be wet outside in the winter, it can be extremely dangerous for him.

Don’t forget that not treating a cold dog can cause serious problems like frostbite. The consequences of cold in dogs are serious and need to be taken into account. The most common illnesses are colds, bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, and pneumonia.


It is good for you as an owner to ask yourself: do English bulldogs get cold in the winter? This shows that you are responsible and care about their welfare.

If you pay attention to the signs mentioned above and keep your dog warm, you will be able to enjoy the coldest season of the year with your best friend.