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Why Do I Have The Urge To Hit My Dog? 

Why Do I Have The Urge to Hit My Dog? Many dog owners have felt this way at one point or another in their dog ownership experience; you’re having a bad day, your dog does something to annoy you, and suddenly you feel the urge to hit your dog and teach it a lesson. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to hitting your dog when it’s irritating you. This article will discuss how to discipline your dog without resorting to hitting it, why hitting your dog could actually make things worse, and how properly disciplining your dog can actually help improve the bond between you and your dog in the long run.

What Are The Possible Reasons Behind The Urge To Hit My Dog?

One possible reason behind the urge to hit your dog is that you are feeling frustrated. Perhaps your dog is barking incessantly, or you have a fear of dogs. Another possibility is that you feel like hitting your dog in order to punish it for misbehaving. 

Dogs can pick up on human emotions and if they see that their owner feels like hitting them, they may become anxious, fearful or even aggressive in turn. In addition, some people who want to hit their dogs find themselves doing so as a way of trying to exert control over their animals. 

However, the urge should be dealt with before it escalates into something more serious. Consult with a mental health professional about how to deal with these feelings without harming your pet and come up with a plan together on what will work best for both you and your canine companion.

Is This a Common Feeling Among Dog Owners?

Many people love their dogs and are careful not to hurt them. However, it is understandable that some people have the urge to hit their dog. If you’re finding yourself wanting to hit your dog, it might be a good idea for you to take a step back and examine your feelings toward the animal. 

Try talking about what’s going on with a friend or family member, who may be able to provide an alternate perspective on the situation. Talking about the issue could also help you better understand why you feel this way. 

Other than that, there is no clear-cut answer as to why people have the urge to hit their dogs. Some people may just want to teach the animal a lesson for doing something wrong. It is important to note that if you do get angry at your pet, try not to yell at them or lash out at them physically. Doing so will only make things worse!

Anxiety Hits Everyone

We all experience anxiety from time to time. Whether it’s about work, our relationships, or even just day-to-day life, anxiety can be a natural response to stress. Sometimes we’re so overwhelmed with emotions that we don’t know what else to do but lash out. 

It’s important not to feel guilty about the feelings of anger and resentment you might have towards your dog when you are experiencing this type of anxiety.

This is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and needs attention. You may want to take some time for yourself to think about what’s going on in your life that may be causing these thoughts. Remember, no one ever said being a pet owner was easy! If anything, it’s more difficult than we could imagine. 

One minute they’re giving us unconditional love, and the next they’ve chewed up our favorite pair of shoes. If you find yourself feeling angry at your pup when things get rough, remind yourself that they are still learning how to become a well-behaved member of society like everyone else.

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What Can I Do to Stop Feeling This Way?

It’s important to remember that it’s not your dog’s fault you’re feeling this. You can talk with a professional about your feelings or try talking with someone close to you who can provide a listening ear. 

If you feel like hurting your dog, please seek help from a mental health professional immediately. 

Talk to them about how you are feeling and what is triggering these emotions. 

They will be able to give you advice on how best to cope with these feelings and find ways of managing them in order to ensure they do not become more destructive than they already are. Remember, your emotional well-being comes first before anything else. 

You deserve happiness just as much as anyone else does so don’t allow yourself to continue harming yourself or those around you by holding onto these difficult emotions for too long.

Do Dogs Forgive You After you hit Them?

It is not uncommon for people with dogs to feel the need to hit them when they are being disobedient. It is a natural, instinctual reaction and does not mean that you do not love your dog. 

There are two different schools of thought on the issue; one claims that if you hit your dog, it will force them into submission and make them more obedient in the future, while the other says that it only creates more problems in the long run.  

Neither of these schools offers an accurate representation of reality, but what you should know is this: according to the Humane Society, there are many alternatives to physical punishment that can be just as effective.

Do Dogs Get Upset When You Hit Them

Dogs can sense when you’re angry, but they don’t know what they did to make you mad. Hitting your dog will likely only make them more anxious and confused. Instead of hitting, try things like giving him a treat or playing with him for a few minutes. 

It’s important that he doesn’t feel afraid of you because dogs are pack animals. If he does something wrong, correct him in a firm voice so he knows that you’re not happy with the behavior.

Understanding Your Pet’s Feelings

Pets are often thought of as being unemotional and without feeling, but this is simply not true. They have emotions just like humans do and they feel pain, hunger, and affection in the same way that we do. However, because pets cannot speak for themselves it’s up to us to understand their feelings through the way that they behave. If your pet exhibits aggressive behavior towards you or someone else then it could be a sign that he is trying to tell you something. 

For example, if your dog growls when you’re petting him on his back then he may be trying to tell you he doesn’t like what you’re doing. Perhaps he wants you to scratch his belly instead. 

But if your dog has never behaved aggressively before, then it might be worth taking him to the vet just to make sure there isn’t anything medically wrong with him. 

He might also want more attention from you and less time outside playing with other dogs so ask yourself: Is my pet getting enough playtime? Am I neglecting my duties as an owner? A lot can be gleaned from paying close attention to how our pets act around us.


Dogs are our best friends. They will love us unconditionally and are always there for us no matter what. They just want to spend time with us, but sometimes we can’t understand them or they misbehave and we get frustrated. It is important not to take out your frustrations on your dog. You don’t want them to think you’re mad at them when you really aren’t. 

Try using a different form of discipline that doesn’t involve physical punishment like time out or no treaties.