Why is My Dog Walking Slowly?

Why Is My Dog Afraid Of The Air Fryer?   

Have you ever wondered Why Is My Dog Afraid Of The Air Fryer?   If so, you are in luck because I will be providing you with some information on this topic. Just keep reading below to learn more!

A dog’s curiosity can sometimes get the better of it, even when the situation seems risky to you. For example, what do you think would happen if your dog encountered an air fryer? They’re not exactly common household appliances, and it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie! So we have to wonder, why is my dog afraid of the air fryer?

The Air Fryer Is Noisy

In some homes, the sound of an air fryer can be as loud as a vacuum cleaner. If your pup has ever been exposed to loud noises like fireworks or leaf blowers, they might be especially sensitive to this type of noise. The sound could also cause them to get startled and run away because they associate it with something bad happening. 

They may have been burned by hot oil before and are now wary of it. Or maybe they just don’t know what’s going on. As you can see from these reasons, it isn’t always easy to tell why your dog is afraid of the air fryer. The good news is that there are ways to teach them that everything will be okay!  

For example, if your dog runs away when he hears the fan turn on, try sitting down and petting him while it’s off so he can get used to being in the same room with it. After a few sessions like this, turn on the fan for 10-30 seconds at a time until he stays put. When using an air fryer at home, make sure that you give your pup their favorite chew toy so they can keep themselves occupied during cooking time.

The Air Fryer Creates A Lot Of Heat

An air fryer creates a lot of heat. Allowing your pup to get too close to it may result in burns on their paws or even more serious injuries like lacerations and broken bones. Be sure to keep your pet away from the appliance at all times. 

If you have children, always monitor them while they are around the Air Fryer as well. If they are not able to follow these safety tips, they should not be around an Air Fryer at all. They could also feel hot from the appliance, which could lead to dehydration if it continues for too long. 

The best thing for your pet if you do not want them near the fryer is to crate them and place some ice cubes outside of their kennel so that they can lick the ice cubes without getting burnt by the heat coming off of the stove. 

For small dogs, put two full-sized ice cubes inside their food bowl. For large dogs, put four full-sized ice cubes inside the food bowl. Then check on them every fifteen minutes to make sure that they are not licking the ice cubes quickly. If this does happen, remove the ice cubes and replace them with new ones until they no longer seem interested in eating or drinking water.

The Air Fryer Makes The Dog’s Eyes Water

Dogs are usually seen as people’s best friends and loyal companions. But what about dogs that fear the air fryer? This can be a problem for you, your pet, and your kitchen! If you want to know how to get your dog to stop being scared of an appliance that you use all the time in your kitchen, then keep reading. 

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your dog has enough space around it when it sees the appliance. The next step would be to distract your dog from the machine by giving him something else to play with or eat so he doesn’t think about it anymore. 

You could also try moving your dog’s bed into another room during this time when they feel more safe and happy. After you have done this, slowly reintroduce them back into the room where they see the Air Fryer again. Hopefully, this will help to reduce their fear of it!

Why Does My Dog Run Away From Me When I Take Out The Air Fryer?

There are a few possible reasons why your dog might be scared of an air fryer. Perhaps they were burned by hot oil in the past, perhaps they’re not used to loud noises, or maybe they don’t know what you’re doing and it’s confusing them. 

Regardless of what the reason may be, try to introduce them to your new appliance gradually. Start with having them close to you while you use them. Turn on some music that is calming for dogs like classical music, or play with their favorite toy when you take out the air fryer. 

Gradually increase their distance from the appliance over time as long as they seem calm about it. If this still doesn’t work after some time, consult your veterinarian for more advice. A vet can rule out any medical problems that may be causing them to act this way. In addition, they’ll have tips on how to get through these stressful moments with your pup!

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Give Your Dog Something To Do While You Cook

One way you can keep your pup from getting bored while you cook, or eat everything in sight, is to give them something to do. You could give them a toy that will keep them occupied for a little bit (though be prepared for some slobber). 

Or, you could set up an obstacle course for your pup. But if all else fails, just put on some music and dance with your pup! Dancing around together can help alleviate stress levels in both humans and animals alike. 

And who doesn’t love to have their toes tapped by a friendly paw? If you’re cooking dinner, try one of these solutions to keep your pup entertained so they don’t make themselves sick. 

Giving your pup something to do while you’re cooking can keep them from getting bored, as well as prevent them from munching on any food that’s out. Keep in mind, though, dogs still need mental stimulation!

How Can I Prevent My Dog From Being Afraid Of The Air Fryer?

One possible way to prevent your dog from being scared of the air fryer is to use it as a treat dispensing toy. Put food inside and let your pup go wild. They’ll be having so much fun they won’t even realize they’re learning how to use an appliance! 

Another great way to help them become comfortable with the air fryer is to take it apart before you show it to them. Dogs are curious creatures by nature, and they will want to investigate. If they see that there’s nothing too scary inside, then they might not be as nervous about getting near the machine again in future encounters. 

Plus, if they’re eating their favorite treats while they explore the appliance, then they’re less likely to think that something terrible is happening to them. However, if you still have trouble getting them used to the air fryer and don’t want to put it away for good just yet (or find another creative way to keep them entertained), try using kibble or pieces of their meal instead of treats.


This post is all about why your dog could be behaving strangely around an air fryer. Although it’s not a common thing, there are many different things that could scare a dog and cause them to do weird things around an air fryer. 

Some breeds might just be more sensitive than others, but regardless of what breed they are, dogs will get freaked out when they hear the hissing sound or smell hot oil near their food. So if you want to keep your pup happy while cooking up some fries in an air fryer this holiday season, avoid using it right next to their bowls! 

When placing an air fryer in the kitchen, try to put it as far away from where your dog eats as possible. The most important thing for both humans and canines alike is keeping them safe so everyone can have fun eating some tasty fried treats.