Why Does My Dog Howl When I Play the Harmonica

Why Does My Dog Howl When I Play the Harmonica?

Why Does My Dog Howl When I Play the Harmonica

Why Does My Dog Howl When I Play the Harmonica? — Have you ever wondered why your dog howls when you play the harmonica? As it turns out, this isn’t just an isolated event that occurs when you play the harmonica, but rather it’s based on science and anatomy! 

Keep reading to learn more about this unique phenomenon and why dogs howl when they hear the sound of a harmonica below.

Why does my dog howl?

Your dog’s howling probably doesn’t mean you’re a bad harp player. But there could be another reason he becomes an amateur member of a barbershop quartet when you start to play. Perhaps he isn’t thrilled with your musical stylings (or tone-deafness). 

Maybe his favorite show is on TV, and he wants you to change the channel. Or, maybe it’s time for dinner, and he thinks that if he just sings loud enough, you’ll get his point. Regardless of why your dog howls, keep in mind that it can be hard on both him and your neighbors if he does it too often.

Try finding ways to make sure everyone is happy—and quiet—when you practice your harmonica skills. For example, you might want to avoid practicing after dinnertime or early in the morning. You might also want to see if your pup will howl along as you play. 

It might even help you improve your technique! If all else fails, try playing some different tunes. If you really enjoy music, the chances are good that your dog does too. So, find out what kinds of songs he likes best by taking him to concerts or watching music videos together. That way, you’ll have something fun to do together—and more reasons than ever to pick up that harmonica again soon!

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Why does my dog howl at the harmonica?

This can be an annoying question, but luckily, we’ve found an answer. In fact, there are three potential reasons for your dog’s strange reaction to you playing the harmonica. We’ll share them here and let you figure out which one might apply to your pooch! If your pup is bothered by noise or simply has very sensitive hearing, it could have been triggered by a simple squeak from the harmonica—noise that might not bother most dogs at all. 

For example, some dogs can even hear ultrasonic sounds (those above our human range of hearing), while others aren’t so lucky. 

That means if your dog has poor hearing, it may only react to high-pitched noises. It’s also possible that your dog simply dislikes loud noises in general, regardless of their pitch; some breeds are more sensitive than others. 

Finally, if you do happen to own a particularly intelligent canine who knows what you’re doing when you play music on a harmonica (or any other instrument), then he may just be trying to get back at you for stealing his thunder during performances!

Does the sound of the harmonica hurt a dog’s ears?

Many people assume that dogs howl when they hear a harmonica because it hurts their ears. However, dogs have much more sensitive hearing than humans do and can usually tune out higher-pitched sounds that would hurt human ears. 

The harmonic tones produced by a harmonica actually sound like gibberish to most dogs, so your pooch probably isn’t tuning out these notes due to pain. Instead, he may be trying to speak back in his own language—howling is often used as a way for animals to communicate with each other across long distances. 

Alternatively, some dogs may simply be responding to our behavior. If you start playing music or singing along while petting your dog or feeding him treats, he may begin associating these activities with happy times and reward you with howls of delight! 

You can test whether your dog is responding to positive reinforcement or attempting communication by taking away all rewards (and giving none) during one session; if his howling stops, then you know he was just being friendly.

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Tips to stop your dog howling at the harmonica

There are several reasons why dogs howl when they hear a harmonica:

  • They might be lonely.
  • They want to join in with you and your harmonica playing.
  • It may scare them.

The first step is to figure out what is triggering your dog’s howling. 

Think back to previous times you played your harmonica and when your dog howled. See if you can come up with a pattern. For example, maybe every time you play after dinner, your dog howls, and you may need to wait until after dinner before playing again. 

If you have more than one dog, try isolating each one individually and seeing which one responds to your harmonica. This will help you determine whether their response is triggered by sound or something else (such as loneliness). Once you know what triggers their response, see if there’s anything you can do about it.

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