Why Does My Dog Sit in The Corner

Why Does My Dog Sit in The Corner? 8 Possible Causes + Remedy

Why Does My Dog Sit in The Corner
Why Does My Dog Sit in The Corner

Why Does My Dog Sit in The Corner? — Dogs are adorable and lovable pets, but many dog owners find themselves frustrated that their beloved canines sit in the corner and do nothing all day long. 

It’s cute, but it’s also quite puzzling as to why dogs do this in the first place! Luckily, there are many different reasons why dogs sit in the corner, and some of them are more common than others. 

Why Your Dogs May Love Sitting At The Corner

Dogs love sitting in a corner, but not only that, but they also like sitting up against walls. But why do dogs love to sit on corners or against walls? 

Here are five reasons your dog may be doing just that and its meaning. Why does my dog sit in a corner?

Separation Anxiety 

It is pretty standard for some dogs to feel lonely when left alone at home, especially if you have more than one pet. It can be caused by boredom, fear of being abandoned, simply missing their owners who went out of town for business trips, etc. 


If you work long hours and don’t give enough time to play with your dog or let them socialize with other dogs, they will get bored quickly. 

Sitting in a corner gives them something fascinating to look at, which helps relieve boredom. 

Fearful Behavior 

Some dogs suffer from anxiety which makes them fearful of things around them, such as people passing by, loud noises from cars outside, etc.


Some dogs might develop deafness later in life due to old age or injury, and sitting in a corner allows them to see everything going on around them without straining their ears too much.

Socializing Behavior 

Dogs are pack animals, so it is natural for them to want company whenever they feel sad, depressed, or anxious about something. 

They seek comfort from others because they know that someone will listen to them and help them feel better. 

Why Does My Dog Sit in The Corner? (How Can We Prevent This From Happening)

Unfortunately, there is no natural way to guarantee that your dog will never sit and stare at a corner again. 

However, here are some tips that may help you determine what’s causing them to do so:

Of course, the first thing you should try is taking your dog for a walk. 

Dogs can get anxious or excited when they see something new, which can cause them to act out in strange ways like sitting and staring at corners. 

Taking them on a walk around their neighborhood or local park can allow them to get their energy out while also getting used to seeing new things. 

This may help prevent future incidents of corner-sitting from occurring later on down the road. 

If that doesn’t work, it’s time to look into other possible causes of your dog’s behavior. For example, is there anything happening in their environment that could be causing them stress? 

Are there any changes going on in your household that might be affecting them? If so, then it might be worth trying to eliminate these sources of stress as much as possible. 

Try keeping an eye on what your dog does when he sits in a corner. It might give you some insight into what’s causing him to do so. For example, if he sits facing one direction but stares off towards another, perhaps he saw something over there that made him feel uncomfortable. 

That would mean that whatever was over there was likely what caused him to sit and stare at his corner in the first place.

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Use a Crate

While many dog owners only use a crate to prevent their dogs from sitting in the corners, dogs can also be trained to enjoy staying inside the crate. 

If your dog needs a little extra convincing, try using treats and his favorite toys. Having your dog sit in the corner before bedtime helps him settle down at night.

Your dog may feel like he’s being punished if you force him into a corner while he’s misbehaving. 

He may even think that you’re trying to scare or hurt him. 

To avoid association between punishment and sitting in the corner, it’s best to train your dog to enjoy sitting there. 

Dogs who don’t mind hanging out in corners are less likely to have accidents when they need to go potty.

Provide Regular Exercise

Dogs that sit and stare at corners for extended periods typically suffer from separation anxiety, fear, stress, or depression. Regular exercise can help alleviate these problems and prevent your dog from sitting in the corners. 

Exercise is physically healthy for dogs, but it also allows them to relax and blow off steam by releasing pent-up energy. So, make sure your dog gets enough exercise so they won’t resort to sitting in the corner as a form of release. 

Are you having trouble getting your dog to walk with you? Try putting peanut butter on a stick or attaching some treats to their favorite toy! You could even try taking him out at odd hours—many dogs find nighttime walks very enjoyable.

Offer toys and treats to keep them busy.

Dogs often feel like they have no choice but to sit in the corner because there’s nothing else to do! So how can you prevent your dog from sitting at the corner? First, offer them plenty of toys and treats. 

This way, you can keep your dog occupied for hours on end. They won’t have time to sit at the corner!

 Do not leave them out all day long: Dogs sit at corners because their owners leave them out all day long. If your dog is used to being left alone for long periods, he may start feeling lonely and isolated when he’s home alone.

Consult Your Vet

Since it’s impossible to know for sure without more information, I would suggest consulting your veterinarian about possible causes. Dogs have feelings, too, and can have anxiety when faced with specific situations. If sitting in a corner is not normal for your dog, consult a professional to ensure that nothing serious is causing their behavior.

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