Why Do Dogs Pee On My Clothes?

Why Does My Dog Lay On My Stomach?

You know your dog loves you when she jumps on the bed or your lap whenever you sit down. But if you own a furry friend, there’s one place in particular that your dog adores more than any other place on Earth—and that’s right on top of your stomach! So, you must have wondered, Why Does My Dog Lay On My Stomach?

Here are eight reasons dogs love to lay on your stomach so much.

Why Your Dog Sleeps Or Lays On Your Stomach

Why Does My Dog Lay On My Stomach

1) Comfort

This is one of my favorite reasons dogs love to lay on people! They do it because they feel safe and secure when they’re next to us. It’s comforting for them knowing we won’t leave them or let anything happen to them while we’re nearby.

2) Attention

Sometimes, dogs lay on top of people to get attention. Whether it’s an act of boredom or frustration stemming from a lack of activity in their environment, these animals know how to push their buttons to get what they want!

3) It feels safer

Your dog is always on high alert, even if you think it’s sleeping. If something scares it, it’s likely to bolt. If a dog has had bad experiences with people, it can be much more anxious than other animals. For dogs that are scared or cautious of others or situations, laying on their owner’s stomach helps keep them calm and centered. 

4) To get away from everything else

Why Does My Dog Lay On My Stomach? Dogs are naturally very curious creatures and often choose to lay down on your stomach for one reason—they’re trying to get away from everything else. This can happen when your dog is in an exceptionally playful mood, but it can also be used as a bonding tool. If you notice that your dog lays on you every time you sit down on the couch, it’s likely because they want to be closer to you and get away from everything else. 

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5) To play with you

Dogs are playful creatures and love to interact with their owners, whether by running around outside or cuddling up on your lap. If you’re lying down, a dog is more likely to jump up and lay on your chest (on your stomach) to play with you. 

Small dogs may also end up climbing onto their owners while laying on their backs, and this might be how they were raised. There’s also a chance that your pup was taught from an early age that being near his owner means playing and getting attention. For example, if you take him for walks at night or sit in front of him during television time, he might learn that curling up next to you means he gets petted and played with.

6) It is being protective

While many dogs love to lay on their owners’ stomachs, it is important to know that there are legitimate reasons for doing so. Your dog could just be trying to snuggle up with you because she feels like it, but if your pooch regularly lays down on your stomach, she may be trying to protect you from something. For example, if your pet doesn’t like a certain person or animal in her presence, she might try to block them from getting too close by sitting on top of you. 

Dogs also sometimes use their bodies as a protective barrier between themselves and other animals or people they feel threatened by. If your pet is always lying on your stomach, consider whether or not she has a good reason for doing so.

7) To keep you warm

Dogs love to snuggle. Maybe it’s because they are smaller and want to get close to a larger animal for protection, or perhaps it’s because of their still-developing brains that make them crave affection and warmth. 

Either way, your dog loves to lay on your stomach because you provide protection and simply because they enjoy feeling warm. Many people believe that their dogs enjoy laying on their stomachs because they like how big humans are, but dogs prefer curling up with small animals. 

This is why your cat may curl up with you instead of another dog! So, next time Fido curls up in your lap, think about what he wants: just some extra warmth.

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8) To mark their territory

Dogs, like wolves, are pack animals. When one lies on your stomach, it’s a way of marking you as part of its pack and therefore owned by it. It is also a sign of affection that shows your dog considers you a friend. In order to stop them from laying on you in such a way, do not put your hands on them as they will see it as an act of aggression and defend themselves by laying back down on you. 

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