Why does my dog lick my armpit

Why does my dog lick my armpit? [5 possible explanations]

Why does my dog lick my armpit? If this is your question, read and find answers in this article.

Some people think it’s because their dogs are affectionate, but there’s more to the story.

Let’s explore 5 possible explanations for why your dog licks your armpit and find out which one works best for you.

Why Does My Dog Lick my Armpit?

  • He likes how your armpit tastes

By nature, dogs are animals, and animals smell or lick anything they can see. This is common when you see dogs licking the private parts of their fellow dogs. 

Dogs have very keen senses of smell, taste, and touch, just like humans. Dogs are more likely to notice texture, flavor, and taste.

In addition to our basic taste of sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami, animals have a sense of taste with 10 million sensors for scent, as opposed to our 5 million. For example, if your dog starts licking your armpit (yuck), it might mean he likes the taste of your sweat, but it could also mean he smelled something disagreeable on you that is bothering him or making him excited.  

When dogs start licking their own private parts, they are not being sexual; they’re simply cleaning themselves.

It’s important to remember that dogs do not think like we do! For dogs, smelling is believing: A dog’s olfactory system (the part of his brain that processes smell) is 40 times stronger than ours. 

This means that even though we can’t smell what our dogs smell from across a room, there’s no way he can miss what we’ve had for lunch. That’s really funny.

  • He wants you to scratch him there

Did you know that dogs can get an itch just like humans do, and they scratch to relieve it? If your dog starts licking your underarm while you’re watching TV or doing some other activity that doesn’t involve petting him, he may be trying to tell you something. 

Dogs have very strong senses of smell and hearing, so if there’s a scent that excites him coming from your pits (like sweat), he may assume you have a treat hidden in there. 

Why does my dog lick my armpit

  • He loves how it feels on his tongue

Dogs have a great sense of taste, so they’re able to distinguish scents better than we are. If your dog is licking your armpits, he could be doing it because he can smell something interesting on you—like some kind of deodorant or cologne. 

But, most dogs only give their owners a light lick, which seems to say, “Hey, I like that and this” because they are glued to their owner’s side all day long. It might not be as exciting as going for a walk in the park, but it still feels good to them.

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  • He’s trying to tickle you

Did you know that dogs also like to play without toys around? Playing is very important to a dog’s mental health.

They like to explore, run, and play with their brain. If your furry companion suddenly jumps into the air and starts licking your underarms, it may be playing.

For example, he could be trying to distract you so he can steal something that belongs to you. So, let him know you don’t appreciate it by patting him or giving him a treat.

You could also distract him with a toy. Just don’t try these tactics if he licks your face during play, and if he keeps licking, stop playing and tell him no.

  • He thinks you need a bath

If your dog licks your armpits, he may be trying to tell you something: You smell. And not just a little! Well, that’s what it looks like to him. So, when your dog licks your armpits, he’s probably not doing it because he thinks you taste good (though that could be a factor). He’s trying to tell you something: You smell! It may be time for a bath. Or at least some deodorant.

The one exception is if your dog has been diagnosed with separation anxiety and licking your armpits is his way of coping with being left alone, in which case it’s not that you smell but rather that he misses you so much. If that’s the case, then deodorant can be of some use, but your best bet is to find things to keep him occupied while you’re gone.

So, if your dog licks your armpits, don’t panic – he probably just needs a bath, or he is saying you need a bath.

Your dog is probably bored; he may be licking your armpits as a way to cope with boredom. Increase his exercise and mental stimulation to reduce his compulsion to lick you. Dogs who get the attention and exercise they need are usually well-behaved, and an exhausted puppy is usually an obedient pup. 

For example, if your dog licks your armpits, he might be trying to tell you that you’re not providing him with enough exercise. Nonetheless, avoid overdoing it. Over-exercising a dog can lead to health problems such as obesity, joint problems, and heart disease. 

Make sure your dog gets the rest he needs, or else he won’t have the energy to do anything but exercise—attention, playtime, rest, and companionship.

To best take your dog’s breed type, age, and size into account, you need to determine how much exercise he needs on a daily basis.

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Conclusion on Why does my dog lick my armpit

From what you can see in the article above, there are several reasons your dog might be attracted to your underarm, in other words, your armpits. 

Most of the time, applying a quick spritz of dog-friendly cologne will deter your dog from lapping at that spot again. However, if they seem attracted to your scent, try giving them an appropriate chew toy to keep them busy. They are less likely to bother you when they have something else more interesting to play with.

If neither of these solutions works, there is always something to be done to prevent your dog from licking your armpits; just ask your vet.

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