Why Does My Dog Growl When I Kiss Him

Why Does My Dog Growl When I Kiss Him?

“Every time I try to give my dog a kiss, he growls at me, and it’s driving me insane. 

When we first got him, he was very sweet and loving, but now he growls at me whenever I try to pet him or kiss him on the face. 

What does my dog want from me, and what can I do about it?”

If this sounds like you, read this article as I am about to tell you some things about why your dog growl and some other things about your dog’s affectionate feelings.

Dogs are cute and affectionate, so it’s normal for some dog owners to give their dogs a quick peck or kiss. 

If a dog is pecked back in return, they may growl at the owner. This is a rundown of the most common reasons for a dog doing this. 

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How dogs communicate

Dogs are expressive animals and have a unique way of communicating. One way dogs communicate is through body language. 

A common misconception is that dogs only speak with their tails, and while dogs do convey many messages via tail wagging, they also use facial expressions, eye contact, body language, and vocalizations (barking) to get their point across. For example, a dog who’s feeling playful will often make direct eye contact with you or lick his lips. 

A fearful dog will keep his eyes averted and ears back, while an aggressive dog will stare directly at you in a confrontational manner or bare his teeth. 

In addition to body language, dogs also communicate vocally by barking or whining. 

When it comes to kissing your puppy on the mouth, it’s important not to look too much into any negative reactions your puppy may have.

Dogs can be sensitive about having their mouths touched because of potential dental issues like tooth decay or gum disease; if your dog isn’t comfortable having his mouth touched, try rubbing his belly instead. That would tickle him very much.

Why Does My Dog Growl When I Kiss Him

What the growling by Your dog means

When your pet growls, it’s typically a sign of fear. If you’re standing too close to her food bowl or getting too close while she’s sleeping, she might let out a quick back-off bark. 

But then, when you kiss, below are the possible reasons why your dog growls when kissing her.

  • Your Dog is Uncomfortable

You may feel she is uncomfortable, or maybe it’s that she’s jealous. If she is merely uncomfortable, then all you need to do is check for any injuries and make sure there are no underlying problems. 

When a dog growls as a warning sign, there is no need for concern. If your pet shows other signs of discomfort with being kissed, such as squinting her eyes or moving away from you while kissing her on her neck, then talk to your vet about possible underlying causes. 

In some cases, your dog may be just too excited and over-stimulated by your affectionate gestures; in these cases, try kissing her on her paws instead of her face. 

One last reason for a dog’s dislike of being kissed associated with discomfort is that she has had a bad experience with someone else who tried to do so.

If you are unsure why your pet is uncomfortable with you showing her affection, talk to a veterinarian or certified animal behaviorist about what could be causing it.

  • Your dog is jealous

You might not believe it, but dogs are incredibly jealous. Your dog can be so jealous that you may even begin questioning if she really loves you. She could be possessive of everything you own (and more), including your attention and love. 

The truth is, dogs aren’t maliciously envious of your relationships; they’re just as susceptible to emotions like jealousy as humans are.

Your dog’s jealousy may stem from your affection for another dog. Dogs are pack members and want to be at the top of their pack, and you could be a threat if you’re showing too much love or attention toward another dog. 

Your dog might also feel jealous if you give attention or gifts to other people, like friends or family members. 

You can easily determine whether your dog is just being playful or showing signs of jealousy by observing her body language and facial expressions.

  • Your dog is shy

The fact that your dog growls at you is a sign of shyness, not anger. So, if your pup doesn’t take too well to affection, it’s possible he’s just not ready for love. Give your new fur baby time to adjust. Maybe give him a few treats and leave them on his bed—so that he can get comfortable in his new home before smothering him with hugs and kisses.

Your pup could also just be uncomfortable with a new home environment. Be patient with your new friend, and give them time to get comfortable before you smother them with hugs and kisses. 

Your doggy is slowly learning that it’s OK for them to show affection in their own way. If they are still nervous, you can try standing very still as your pet comes up on you and lets his curiosity win and show him that it’s not so scary after all.

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How do you know your dog loves you?

Dogs, in general, have very expressive faces and body language. It can be difficult at times to interpret what they are feeling. 

When your dog’s tail is wagging, or she is smiling, it’s clear that she loves you. 

But if she is staring at you with a glowering face and baring her teeth, your dog may actually be telling you that she doesn’t like what you are doing.

Conclusion on Why Does My Dog Growl When I Kiss Him?

Different dogs growl for different reasons. It can mean I’m hungry, or it can be an invitation for a good scratch behind his ears. 

It may also mean that your pup doesn’t feel safe in his environment and is warning you off before any danger occurs. 

Whatever your pet’s intentions, keep a close eye on their behavior and body language so you can interpret what they are trying to communicate with you; after all, dogs always know best.

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